Our First Christmas Tree as a Family of Three

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove to a small tree farm Enchanted Winds just outside of the city to cut our own Christmas tree. This year we cut a beautiful Fraser Fir. We brought my mom, who was able to capture some great photos of us! This is the first year since moving to Seattle that we are staying in the city for Christmas, and we are super excited! Over the years I have been collecting hoarding Christmas decorations, and saving tutorials on DIY wreath making, and finally, I am able to decorate our house.

Setting up a Christmas tree with a toddler running around has presented some challenges. To dissuade Sebastian from the tree, I have strategically tried to decorate only the top half and have placed the ornaments in which he finds very appealing (puppies, rabbits, anything animal related) at the very top. For the most part, he has stayed away from the tree, but occasionally I will find a large pile of needles on the ground indicating that he has been near. To be honest, he seems more interested in the pile of empty Amazon boxes that seem to be accumulating on the floor.