Ice Cream, Tacos, and Summer Beach Days

Forgive me for the silence around here. Life has been so full of excitement, come 8 pm, I plop down into bed and as soon as my head touches the pillow I am asleep. The last month has been hectic and crazy but in a good and exciting way. Our days have been filled with ice cream and tacos, beaches, lakes, hikes, visiting, napping and eating. I've been trying to learn how to raise a busy child, while also trying to fit in my creative pursuits, my career, and trying to be a good wife. It all seems pretty overwhelming at the moment, but I am slowly trying to figure out a way to fit it all in.

We went back to Ontario for a couple of weeks for a wedding and to visit family and friends. We are lucky that both our families live within a few hours drive from each other. There was lots of visiting to be had. A pretty tight schedule to adhere to. Each day was planned, from the morning we woke to the time we went to sleep. Honestly, I feel like I now need a vacation from my vacation.

The weather was hot and humid, which most of you are probably experiencing as well. When the days were cool enough to spend at least a few hours outside, we went to the beach, hiked the Bruce Trail, the Niagara Escarpment, drank wine on the patio, and strolled for ice cream. Sebastian is now very active, which makes all of the activities above very challenging. He is at the age where he is really focused on putting everything in his mouth, slamming doors, and pulling himself up onto unstable objects. Thus far, it's been the most terrifying stage.

The culinary highlights of our trip were - the Baja fish and avocado tacos from a new taco restaurant that opened up just a few miles from my parent's house. The rhubarb and sour porter from Oast House Brewery. The chocolate orange and frosted mint gelato from Gelato di Carlotta. The wood oven pizza from Pieza' Pizzeria. And of course, my favorite, the chicken shawarma from Colossus.

We are now back in Seattle, the weather is pleasant, my pants are tight, and I have a half-finished kitchen staring me in the face. I am excited to get back into the kitchen and start experimenting!