Hotel Capella, Ixtapa Mexico

As I sit at my desk - reflecting on my short stay in Mexico - I sip from my glass of water, tasting much like chlorine and city. I gaze out the window into a sea of fog and drizzle. I'm this close to putting out a restraining order against that basket of laundry sitting on the counter, and I have contemplated skipping town and heading back south. I am saddened that (the most amazing) guacamole and margaritas have come to a halt. Fish tacos for B/L/D, the pool(s), the charming guy who brought me frozen banana chocolate popsicles by the pool, and the complimentary guacamole and Mexican beer everyday at 5pm. Where did you go? I miss you.

GV and I, flew to Mexico for a little R and R, some fish tacos and guacamole. Instead of backpacking like dirty hippies - like we did last summer - we travelled like pimps. I even brought a rolling suitcase and a sun hat. The flight was relatively straight forward, although p.s. Alaskan airlines, how about them TVs? We arrived in Zihuatanejo - 

pronounced (zewat-neyho),

and were promptly escorted by our driver. We quickly left Zihuatanejo, where pretty much all of the locals live, and arrived in Ixtapa, where pretty much all of the tourists stay. 

Some fancy looking men in white suits carried our luggage to the room, and we followed, looking like idiots. Something felt a little familiar - I think it was culture shock. Everybody kept doing nice things for us, which was weird because I didn't know if they generally liked us or just wanted a tip. This left some confusion, so naturally, every time I saw an employee coming my way - I hid. I finally realized that rich people are demanding, and the waitstaff just needed to stay on their toes. This was more of an observation than an assumption. Our room was romantic, which left a few people confused. Flower petals in the shape of a heart lined the bed, and a very sweet letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Hands. I am pretty sure we were the only non-couple staying there. 

There was a pool on our patio that fed into a larger pool below. At your own request, there was an option to turn it into a hot tub at night, although I don't really know why you would want to do that. The view was magnificent, waves crashing against the shore, rocking me to sleep each night. The daily entertainment included a pod of grey whales that swam by each day at 3pm. There wasn't a whole lot to do at Capella - sleep, eat, drink, swim, and relax, but that is exactly what we needed. I've been nursing a shoulder injury for the past month and I was look for a chance to recoup and heal. My masseuse ? was amazing, and I actually fell asleep during one of her treatments. I was pretty much in a state of relaxation/coma the whole time. 

The picture above, illustrates the amazingness that was delivered to our room each day at 5 pm - complimentary. The picture below is of GV eating guacamole.  I asked one of the waiters, what was they key to making a good guacamole. Mexican. You need to be Mexican, is what he said. 

A complimentary shot of tequila to welcome all guests.

The view from our pool. Although, this picture does not do it justice. Our view was prettier than this giant rock.

There we go, that's more like it.

This was how Capella welcomed us to our romance room - a flower display.

This is where they must have cut the flowers from.

Sexy night fire.

Followed by delicious food. A total success.