Croatia's Dalmatian islands

Today, I spend my last day in Croatia, eating ice cream and pizza. Taking cover in any shade I could find. The air is hot, the sun heats my skin. There are days in Seattle when I long for the sun, just an hour or two, but I now find myself longing for the crisp Northwest air and an overcast sky. Is it possible that I will never be content, always wishing for something that I don't have? I'm finding this heat unbearable. To survive, I float in the clear blue Adriatic Sea by day and mingle amongst the crowds at night. The cities are so vibrant at night, the hustle and bustle is exciting. We eat dinner quite late, around 9 or 10 pm, followed by a stroll and an ice cream. I feel very fortunate to be in such a beautiful place, so much history, and culture. Last night I wandered the streets inside a medieval castle in the city of Dubrovnik. It was the most magical thing I've ever seen. I will cherish these memories forever.