Peach and Tomato Bruschetta


This post is created in partnership with Stemilt. Stemilt is a family owned and operated fruit grower here in Washington State, dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep the Flourishing Foodie delicious, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

At the beginning of summer, as soon as the weather begins to warm, I eagerly wait in anticipation for the first peaches to hit the markets. As soon as they do, I eat a peach every day, sometimes two, and then I begin to make all of the recipes that I’ve been brainstorming since the last season, and recreate any recipes that were a hit with my family and friends.

When peaches are in season, I love to buy them by the dozen. I place them on the counter to ripen slightly, and as soon as they start to feel soft, I put them in the fridge to delay the ripening, so I can enjoy them for days to come. If my peaches start to ripen too fast, I take this as a cue to invite friends over for a barbecue so I can make one my favorite appetizers, peach, and tomato bruschetta!

Peach and tomato bruschetta is so much better than regular tomato bruschetta. Adding peaches to bruschetta adds a slight sweetness and tart that pairs really well with the tomatoes. I like to toast the bread and then brush with garlic oil versus adding garlic to the fruit mixture. This allows for a more mellow garlic flavor. I find that when I add it to the fruit mixture it tastes too sharp. Other flavors that work well on bruschetta are basil and balsamic vinegar. There is a lot of sweet, salty, and acid going on in this dish, which in my opinion, are some of the key components that make up a great flavorful meal. Bruschetta is such an easy appetizer to prepare. Minimal fuss and minimal mess. It’s a nice light appetizer to prepare during the summer months. And if you’re like me and you don’t like turning on the stove when it’s too warm outside, you can always opt to toast the bread outside on the grill!

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