Veggie Burger with Havarti, Caramelized Onion, and Sliced Apple


This post is created in partnership with Stemilt. Stemilt is a family owned and operated fruit grower here in Washington State, dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep the Flourishing Foodie delicious, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love a good veggie burger. For years, my husband and I were continually on the hunt for the most delicious veggie burger. We tried the local pubs, burger shops, and every store bought package brand we could find. We tried black bean burgers, quinoa burgers, sweet potato burgers, and portabello mushroom burgers. Each one distinctly different and unique, each with its own delicious qualities, but none that blew us away.

It wasn’t until I began to dive deep into veggie burger research that I finally came up with a winner. A burger that is loaded with healthy ingredients like mushrooms, apples, carrots, black beans, cashews, and brown rice, which provide a lot of nutritional bang for your buck, while still tasting rich and flavorful. This burger doesn’t necessarily mimic a meat burger nor does it taste like a traditional black bean burger. It is chewy and tender, smoky and savory, and absolutely delicious.

I topped the burger with a few of my favorite condiments and toppings. Havarti cheese and caramelized onions are a flavor combination that I love on burgers, so that was a must. I also wanted to add something to the burger to break up the rich savory flavors, so I opted for sliced apples. I used Stemilt’s Piñata apples, which are crisp and juicy with a balance between sweet and tart. This is hands down the best veggie burger that I have ever tried, and the best part is, my family loves it as well!

Click here for recipe.