Our First Christmas Tree as a Family of Four


This year we took the kids to Coates Christmas Tree Farm in Auburn Washington. It’s now become a family tradition to go out and cut our own Christmas tree, the Sunday following Thanksgiving. This year we opted for the majestic Noble Fir. I love the way they look, with a slight blue tinge. It was fun to go out and make a day of it, with our new family of four.

Sebastian was very much excited about spotting the perfect tree. He ran excitedly through the tree farm tripping over every tree stump imaginable. I wanted to take some nice photos of the kids and then I blinked and turned for two seconds and he was covered in mud. Oh well. Regardless, I think the photos turned out pretty cute.

If you’re looking for somewhere to cut down a Christmas tree close to Seattle, Coates Tree farm is perfect. They have lots of trees - Noble Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Fraser Fir, Turkish Fir, Korean Fir, White Pine, and Blue Spruce. Hay rides, toys for kids to play with, hot chocolate, treats, and a little shop selling Christmas ornaments. They provides saws and wagons. Just remember to bring your own gloves!