Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

I'm going to keep things pretty short this week, because I am with my family at a chalet at Big White, and in the eyes of my niece and nephew, I am taking away valuable chase-me, come-find me, and I'll drop all of the crayons on the floor and you pick them up time.

Last Friday night I had everything packed for the trip, a batch of gooey chocolate rolls for snacking, the house all clean and organized, and then I went to get my passport from the passport spot (in a folder, in a box, in the closet). I found Brent's passport, my passports from 2014, 2009, 2004, and 1999 (I keep for nostalgic reasons), but couldn't find my current passport. I tore the house apart. I called Brent at work and he rushed home where he found me on the floor in a puddle of my own tears, worried that I had ruined the trip. And then he reminded me that there was no way that I could be denied entry back into Canada because I am Canadian. Of course. I was then able to focus on the task at hand which was find that dang passport. We searched in every nook and cranny. I called the Toronto airport, I called the Seattle airport, customs, the cab company from when I last remember having it. Nowhere, no one, my passport gone forever. And then, 5 hours later, I hear Brent call out from the other room, with his new found power, the fact that he found my passport, in the scanner.

Crispy BBQ Tempeh Caesar Salad Wraps

We made some serious progress around our house this past weekend, which makes me feels like things are finally coming together. Closet shelves have been on our list of things to do since we moved in, but kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list every time, because lets be real, making closet shelves is just plain boring. Our house came equipped with these wire shelves, hanging half way out of the wall due to improper installation. In the spare room the linens (towels, sheets, blanket's) have been piled on the floor since last April, which has caused me a great deal of emotional pain. This weekend, we finally bit the bullet and built some top notch particle board shelves and a clothes hanger. Things are no longer on the floor. Ody will need to find somewhere else to sleep, and I can now see that I might need to invest in some grown-up towels, ones that don't have pictures of Mickey Mouse on the front.

Roasted Cauliflower, Leek, and Carrot Soup

I figured it's about time I dusted off the old cobwebs from this blog and get back into it, because it seems like ages since we've connected here. At the end of last year (oh that sounds so weird) I made a conscious decision to step back from blogging and social media. I felt myself falling into unproductive patters, and having a general lack of motivation to create anything really inspiring. Based on conversations with other bloggers, friends, in the artistic/creative field or not, I think everyone feels that drain at the end of a year, and in my opinion, everyone should step back and unplug, cause it does wonders for the soul.

Apple Turnovers

I thought I'd pop in one last time before the holidays get into full swing and we're all busy having to much fun drinking way too many glasses of holiday wine to spend any amount of time on the computer, which is the way things should be. Brent and I are back in Ontario for the holidays, spending what I hope is an equal amount of time with both of our families. Since landing on Wednesday I have managed to eat the very best Indian food I know, an extra large serving of poutine, a veggie burger with havarti, avocado, red pepper with a tangy beechhouse sauce that I need to figure out how to recreate at home. Two St-Ambroise Citrouille beers, a french mint chocolate bar from Laura Secord, and the most insanely delicious spicy orange hot chocolate from Soma. As you can tell, I am heading into this holiday season with fierce determination to eat all of the foods I love and miss from home, and in return, I will likely gain 5 lbs, but it will be 5 lbs of pure happiness.

Homemade Chocolate Bars for the Holiday Season

It seems like only yesterday I was roasting a Tofurkey for Canadian Thanksgiving, eating squash, and getting all knee deep in pumpkin and everything spiced. That time has passed, and I'm now onto bigger and better things like chocolate, eggnog, gingerbread houses, and Santa. amiright?

Last Saturday we went to Brent's holiday work party. The theme was Mad Men (yay!!!), which is perfect because I always wanted to attend a Mad Men themed party, and although I have very little desire to have lived during the 60's, I was very very excited to dress the part for a night. After searching many dayss for a period-themed dress, I found this $450 dress for $60 at the Goodwill down the street. I found a few additional pieces - some chunky pearls, a gold purse, styled my hair in a big up-do, and finished off the look with some red lipstick. I tried as hard as possible to be in full character, obvs. leading to me drinking way too much champagne. When the party was over, despite my state, I did manage to leave with coat and purse in tow, which in my opinion, the biggest success of the evening.