Gingersnap Pumpkin Tarts

The benefits to celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving the second weekend in October while living in Seattle are 1) most likely, all of your friends will be available to spend it with you, which they will enjoy immensely because who doesn't want two Thanksgiving dinners in one year? 2) there is no chance that the grocery store will sell out of Tofurkey, and you can avoid the embarrassment of experiencing a complete meltdown in aisle three 3) the likelihood of getting into a confrontation over the last lb of brussel sprouts is pretty slim 4) if you're well liked, someone will hopefully invite you over to spend American Thanksgiving with them, so you can also enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners 5) and while the rest of the country is getting ready for their Thanksgiving weekend, you can get a head start on decorating your new house Griswold style and hope to heck you don't offend your neighbors. But if your neighbors happen to get offended by the slightly obnoxious amount of lights you have decided to hang and that funny santa reindeer display you impulse bought at Target, you can try to bribe them with boozy fruit cake.

The Grilled Cheese Bloody Caesar

My life is now complete. Two of my favorite things combined. Grilled cheese and the bloody caesar. This wasn't even my idea. How could it have not been. I was out for dinner last weekend with a friend, and while we were discussing the merits of the bloody caesar versus the bloody mary, he ever so casually slipped it into the conversation that a few weeks back he ordered a bloody mary and it was served with a garnish of grilled cheese. On the glass. I immediately freaked out, so mad that I had not thought of this idea years earlier.

Apple Cinnamon Rolls + A few Apple Picking Photos

It all started with a trip to the Christmas tree farm, November 25 2012. I was feeling sentimental that year. I was missing my grandmother, feeling as though her/our holiday traditions were slipping away. So I decided to start my own holiday traditions one of which included making a double batch of boozy Christmas cake, and the other involved hiking through rows of pine trees, looking for the perfect Charlie brown replica to fit in our apartment, paying the man dressed as Santa to carry it back to our car while we drank apple cider from styrofoam cups. Only, the story went more like: Heather was jacked up on hormones and raging, got so mad at Brent because he was just not that into 'making traditions' and not committed enough to finding the perfect tree. I spent the next hour crying it out in the car. I mean, in the end it worked out, we got a tree, we drank cider, even though I am pretty sure it was the packaged variety evident by its sickly sweet and somewhat fake apple taste. We can now sit back and laugh about how crazy I was that Nov 25th afternoon. I've now started a new autumn tradition where I like to begin the season with a trip to an apple farm. I find it helps me get mentally prepared for autumn/fall/decorative gourd season (insert swear), and besides, it's a very Seattley thing to do, and now that we own a craftsman in Cap Hill, it's time to start fitting in with the locals. I should also mention that if you're looking for ways to fit in, or not fit in in Seattle, I highly suggest this read.

Tangy Beets with Fennel, Walnuts, and Chevre

It's been a bit of a transition these last few weeks. We've been trying to adjust to the new season, the rain has begun, the leaves are falling at an exceptional rate, and I have realized that I am the one that needs to rake them. Last weekend we finished up the last bit of work on the deck (for this year), packed up the patio chairs, and stored the garden tools. We are mentally preparing for the long months of rain ahead, which is never an easy task. I re-planted a hella load of grass seed in the backyard last week, and it is loving this rain, which is making my hatred for it far less severe.

Unfortunately, I feel myself slipping into hibernation mode, and I am pretty upset with this idea. This morning I laid in bed until 8:30 am, under the duvet, under the quilt, because it was so cold in our room, and so warm under those blankets, and I just didn't want to leave. I'm feeling tired and run down. I think I need a vacation from fall, and it's just barely begun. We've been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff around here. Things that I'm just not quite ready to talk about, even though it's all I really want to talk about (I warn you, there may be a pretty heavy post scheduled for the future). I'm trying to find comfort in the small things: spending time with Brent curled up on the couch watching trashy tv. Attempting some recipes that I've been saving for a while. It's honestly pretty great to know that I can come around here and share some goofy stories with you, the good and the bad, and know that you guys are awesome and amazing, and it's all just very real and honest.

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Muffins with Maple Cream Cheese Icing

Yesterday I took my in-laws on a walk through the city, down the hill, over the highway, past the wooden boats, around the lake to Fremont, where we sat down at Fremont Brewing to rest our feet. While the warm sun shone bright on our faces we stuffed ourselves with pretzels and beer. We then found our way to Brent who gave us a lift home, because at that point I had already reached 17, 000 steps on my fitbit and thought screw it to walking. Also we were in no shape to get ourselves back up that hill. Completely exhausted, we plopped ourselves in front of the couch to finish watching season 1 of Silicon Valley, and if you've started watching this show and gave up after episode two, I encourage you to go back and finish watching the rest of season 1, because the characters become way more likable as the season progresses, and episode 8 Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency is ah-mazingly hilarious. But if you've given up after episode two because you've decided to spend the final days of summer outside drinking beer on the font porch, I like you, and will you be my friend?