May 10, 2017

Tofu Yakisoba with Broccoli and Snow Peas

I am officially counting down the days until I go back home to visit my family. I've been trying to clean up some loose ends before we leave - finish painting the kitchen island, get bangs trimmed, get Sebastian's haircut, fix my computer etc etc. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here, which has made running errands much more enjoyable. I tackled the weeds in the backyard and planted a boat load of grass seed, and I'm crossing my fingers that the birds don't eat it all, because i am dreaming of late night hangs on a perfectly manicured lawn, sipping rose and watching the stars.

In less exciting news, today I had two cavities filled, and for a brief moment when I was sitting in the Dentist's chair with my mouth pried open and a drill chipping away at my teeth, I swore off sugar for life. Until later that evening when we went out for ice cream sandwiches after our pizza dinner. Here in Seattle we are deprived from sun for so long that as soon as it starts to shine and the temperature reaches above 15ÂșC, everyone goes outdoors, eats ice cream, and acquires their first of the season sun burn.

All of this warm weather has given me little desire to be in the kitchen cooking. I find myself so busy with the garden and Sebastian, that at the end of each day, I'll look up at the clock and notice that it's 6 pm and Sebastian has started to become ornery. This is my cue that I probably should have made dinner an hour ago. So I head to the fridge and try to whip up something that is kid friendly and healthy that I will also enjoy. At least once a week I will make this tofu yakisoba because it is so delicious, and easy to make. It is one of my favorite dishes right now. We'll gobble it down from a large bowl with chopsticks, and Sebastian will grab handfuls with his hands, half ending up on the floor. He careful places the green vegetables as far away from him as possible, but at least I know he loves noodles and tofu. He absolutely under no circumstance will eat the vegetables. If Sebastian had the option to eat vegetables or dirt, he would probably choose dirt. Life with a toddler, installment 1.


adapted from The Sprouted Kitchen Bowl and Spoon - the hippie bowl pg.116
serves 4
prep time: 60 minutes
cooking time: 20 minutes

 3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp sesame oil
 1/4 cup maple syrup
12 - 16 oz firm tofu, chopped
1 head broccoli, chopped
1 cup snow peas
4 servings fresh yakisoba noodles
1/4 cup peanuts, chopped
1 tbsp sesame seeds
In a medium size bowl, marinate the tofu in the soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, and maple syrup for 1 hour.

Strain the tofu from the marinade and reserve the sauce for later.

In a large frying pan, heat 1 tbsp canola oil on medium-high heat. Add the tofu and fry until crispy.

Add the broccoli and snow peas and cover with a lid. Cook until broccoli is slightly tender, but still a crunch.

Remove the lid. Add the yakisoba noodles and sauce, and cook until the noodles are tender.

Remove from pan and garnish with sesame seeds and chopped peanuts. Serve. 


  1. oh man dentist visit is never fun! But an ice cream after that .. ;) well, it's almost summer after all. I am absolutely loving that noodle bowl of yours. My 3 years old is currently obsessed with noodles and thankfully still enjoys broccoli. So that meal would be a win win situation in our house :)

  2. Oh I have to say I was very lucky with my son when he was a toddler, he would gobble all of the veggies! He still does, he loves greens, and I am happy to comply and give him all he wants in that aspect eheh. I would omit the tofu - I really cannot stand it - but eat everything else in here, so yuuuum!!

  3. Quick, healthy, what else do you need?

  4. Tofu yakisoba with broccoli and snow peas looks delicious. I should try to make it. Who knows my sons will start to love vegetable.

  5. This seriously looks like the perfect bowl food, Heather1

  6. This looks amazing. I need to try this.