April 25, 2017

Easter Weekend

We decided to head out of town for Easter weekend. It was also a good excuse to take our new car on a little road trip! We drove to Leavenworth, one of our favorite little towns in Washington State. We were really excited about the annual Easter egg hunt at Cascade's Farmlands. I wasn't quite sure if Sebastian would be old enough to fully enjoy looking for eggs and all the hoopla, but we were soon quick to discover that 18 months is the perfect age to go on an egg hunt.

That Friday night, I hid a bunch of plastic eggs around the hotel room - ones that I had filled with a tiny little chocolate bunny in each. When Sebastian woke the next morning he immediately started running around the room collecting the eggs as if he had done it a million times before. And then when he figured out there was a small chocolate in each, he lost it. He just sat on the floor opening each egg, putting the chocolate in his mouth while making mmmmmmm sounds. Definitely my child.

Later that day we went to the farm for the Easter hunt where Sebastian spent the afternoon riding on tractors, feeding the llamas, running through the prop maze, and various other games. I took a bazillion photographs, only managed to sit on a bit of llama poop, and left with only a mild headache from all the screaming children. All in all, it was a success.



  1. We often took trips at Easter time, even if they were just joining the rest of the family near Grandma's condo. When my son was about 8 we were having lunch with some friends, and they're daughter told him there was no Santa Claus. My son looked at her and said "Well, I don't know about Santa, but I do know that for sure there is an Easter Bunny, and he comes to hotels." Your post reminded me of that!

  2. How cute! I like the emotion of the little boy in the picture looking at the deer

  3. wowww i love child, he is so cute ....

  4. I can almost imagine me sitting and enjoying the trip.