June 29, 2012

Croatia: Zagreb and the Plitvice Lakes

Could you imagine a land, lush, green, smelling as nature should. Waterfalls, turquoise water, castels, medieval towns, over a thousand islands, and the nicest people, always wiling to give directions, lend a hand. Despite the fact that Croatian is their main language, almost everyone knows a bit of English, which comes in handy when ordering off a heavily meat-centric menu. You will get your fair share of sausages, ham, and bacon, but If you're pescetarian like me, risotto, gnocchi, pizza, pastries, and gelato will keep you happy. People ask me all the time, what is my favorite country travelled, where will I return. Up until this point, I did not have an answer. I've travelled to over thirty countries, each beautiful and magnificent in their own, but seldom do I want to return to a place once explored. There are too many new and exciting places to visit, slowly checking off my list one by one. But one day, I will return. With Mr. H, a pair of hiking shoes, and a smile. I have fallen in love with Croatia.


  1. Never been in Croatia... wanna go now!!!
    I'm craving cherries right now ;-)
    Enjoy your trip

  2. Anonymous03 July, 2012

    I am Croatian, but I rarely see my country and my countrymen as described in your kind words. Thank you for opening my eyes :) And my mouth too...

  3. beautiful photos you have. i'm a croatian expat and just now i've come to realize how my country is beautiful and full of potential. thank you for sharing your travels and hoping to see you on the coast some day :)

  4. I'm going to Croatia tomorrow to spend New Years and your blog got me more excited!

  5. Missing my homeland.. not sure if I crave more Croatia or your recipes!
    I love all your photos! Such an inspiration and pleasure to see.
    Thanks for sharing. :) Laura