March 25, 2015

Walnut and Bananas Foster Pancakes

I guess you probably noticed that the site got a bit of a makeover. It's something that I've been working on for over 6 months now. I am probably one of the most indecisive creatures that you'll ever meet, so even when I think that I'm on track and I've got everything sorted, fonts chosen, layout perfect, and colors exact, the next week I'll find something wrong and have to start from scratch. Sometimes I can't even deal with my own self. My indecisiveness is why we've been living in a house with barely any furniture, and probably will continue to have no furniture for the next few years.

March 18, 2015

Montreal Style Bagels with Date and Walnut Cream Cheese

Brent went on a 4 day ski trip, and I decided to make bagels. Not the best timing, since I was left with 17 bagels and no one but myself to eat them. So I invited over some friends, we ate what we could, and the rest are in the freezer. Which is less convenient than one might imagine, because in my world, out of sight equals out of mind. My freezer is a wasteland for all things baked and frozen. Old pie dough, frozen biscuits, frozen phyllo. It's like it never crosses my mind to open the freezer door, unless I'm reaching for the tub of ice cream on the top shelf. This morning I actually remembered about the bagels, but with the amount of time it would take to defrost one, I found myself eating a bowl of Rice Krispies and banana instead. Planning is not my strong suit. 

March 5, 2015

Loaded Cheesy Curly Fries

Around 4 months ago I decided that I was fed up with facebook. I was sick of seeing abandoned and abused puppy photos (which doesn't mean that I don't care). I was sick of the cheesy inspirational quotes, photos of babies of people that I barely know anymore. I tried to delete my account, but it turns out that my flourishing foodie page is tied with my personal page and unless I delete them both, it is impossible. Instead, I decided to unfollow everyone instead of deleting as a friend, because who knows, I may want to get back on the wagon sometime in the future. I've made the mistake of deleting people before, and regretted it afterwords. Now that I follow no-one, even if out-of-habit I log into my account, there is nothing to see. Except for last night. I had insomnia. I decided to log into my account (still a habit that will take a long time to break), and there it was, a single lonely post on my facebook wall. Someone who I had forgot to unfollow. An acquaintance from high school, many moons ago.