December 30, 2013

French 75

Oh Hi! Let me just put down this drink for a sec, so I can actually focus on typing without spilling all over my laptop, which is no-doubt going to happen, because I spill almost everything on my laptop (lets blame the clumsiness, not the drunkenness). I wanted to take a minute from the amazing holiday activities that have been going on around here (minus that ice storm that left us without power), that include a lot of late night inappropriate Cards Against Humanity games with my in-laws, power-drinking martinis, and that one ridiculous 4-hour post Christmas cross country ski that left me immobile for days, to tell you about a little recent obsession, the French 75. One month ago, we walked into Via Tribunali from the freezing rain, sat down and ordered a drink (and a pizza, of course). Brent blurted out some fancy sounding thing, and I ignored his order without giving it a second thought, preoccupied with my wet feet. And then, this glorious looking drink arrived at the table in a gold-rimmed champagne flute with an adorable lemon twist on top. I immediately took one look at my boring old glass of wine and had a small ounce of regret, which hardly ever happens. I took one sip of his drink and was completely sold. Champagne, gin, and lemon juice are all high up on my list of favorite boozy drink ingredients. so I've been making these French 75's ever since with no regrets - except that one time. I'm a little embarrassed that it's taken me so long to discover this drink, but I am now making up for lost time by serving them for almost every celebration, including that time I almost finished the quilt I was working on for a Christmas gift, but instead had a complete meltdown and gave-up. For instances like that, the French 75 is also completely acceptable.  I'm thinking we ought to make a batch this New Year's Eve, to bring in the new year with style. If you're looking for me, I'll be the one in the corner, with the ridiculous 2014 paper crown on my head, blowing that annoying noise maker. Here's to an amazing year, and the start to an ever better one!

makes 1 drink 

1 oz. gin
1/2 oz. lemon juice
2 tsp superfine sugar or 1/2 oz. simple syrup
brut champagne or dry sparkling white wine, chilled
lemon peel for garnish
In a cocktail shaker, add the gin, lemon juice, and sugar. Fill with ice and then shake. Strain into a champagne flute and then top with chilled champagne. Using the lemon peel, add a lemon twist for garnish.


  1. Sounds amazing, and I have everything on hand. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy New Year!

  2. My boyfriend and I once went to a very fancy hotel for the day and spent all afternoon in the bar drinking French 75s. It was epic. I am minded to recreate that experience this new year's eve; it's definitely one of my favourite cocktails. Love the pictures in this post too.

  3. OOOOH check out that fancy feather doodad on the hendrick's! i love it. and i am so all about celebrating the almost finishing of a quilt. you go, girl :-P happy new year's to you and your paper crown and here i go to buy some booze before it all gets sold out...

  4. French 75s are indeed the most classic of champagne cocktails. Definitely going to have to mix up one or two this NYE!

  5. I love this. And the fact that you're into gin as much as I am (or so it seems). Have you ever had Greenbrier gin? I was at the liquor store restocking our stash when an older man came by and said, "Stop farting around, kid! This is the only gin you need." Then handed me a bottle of Greenbrier. It's insanely smooth with hints of citrus AND my new favorite - which I'm going to try in this recipe tomorrow night. HAPPY (ALMOST) NEW YEAR!

  6. Oh this sounds like my ideal drink! And I am SO glad that I'm not the only person who regularly spills things onto her laptop...
    Alice | The Cup and Saucer

  7. Happy 2014, Heather! This cocktail is classy and lovely all the way through. [and that feather doodad? FANCY!]

  8. Oh, Hendrick's. My weakness for sure. This looks delightful.

    I just played Cards Against Humanity for the first time on NYE. I found myself pronouncing awkward words in strange accents because I felt so awkward saying them in a crowd of friends.

  9. I luuurve French 75's, although with some tempering down on the sweetness. Such a great celebratory drink. And I one hundred percent feel you on the quilt-making meltdown/cozy up to some boozy relief thing. Holidays guh! Happy new year, miss.