August 20, 2012

Deception Pass

We drove to Deception Pass near the Olympics for some R&R,..... and to escape this unseasonable heat. We arrived just in time for the sun to set, squinting one eye to take in her bright luminance, captured in time through my lens. We were convinced that the next day would bring sun and warmth, indicated by the red sky at night. If our prediction were to be true, then we would neither need to pack our things in the car overnight, nor fully zip the fly on the tent. It is summer of course. Fast asleep, the sound of ocean water humming in the background, I am abruptly woken by the sound of a drip. Drip, drip, drip. It's raining outside, and inside. On my shoes, on my towel. On everything. A hard and painful slap back to reality, that yes, we do live in the Pacific Northwest, and yes, it does rain here.

After the rain had settled, we left our shelter and cooked a breakfast for champs. Scrambled egg hash, with peppers and tomatoes. Veggie sausage, fresh bread, and avocado. Freshly squeezed orange juice to wash it all down. After the dishes and a bit of sorting, I headed to the beach to take it all in, capture some memories, and skip some stones. The afternoon was spent wandering in the steamy mist, scrambling up rocks, finding exotic sea creatures, and throwing sticks for Ody. I am surprised that his skin, with his newly shaven coat, can still brave the frigid waters. We quickly realized the current to be too strong for his four legs, and resorted to throwing sticks on the beach. Slightly less amusing for him. 

People did not seem to mind one bit that the sun was hiding behind a sea of fog. That the air was cold and harsh. Wee children building sand castles dressed as if it were an ordinary day at the beach, swimsuits and all. Picnic baskets filled with love. The smell of barbecued corn, the sound of laughter, people exploring tiny crevices looking for sea urchins. This is what people in the Northwest do. They except and embrace the overcast and the rain. They explore and enjoy the outdoors all year round. I am so happy to call this place home.


  1. So so beautiful. This place is the best. Also, love the new blog look.

  2. this is breathtaking heather. i am so happy to be there soon. thanks for sharing.

    1. You are so welcome. It is such an amazing place.