June 6, 2011

Seattle, Sunday, and 3 of my Favorite Things

Seattle and Sundays, both things I love.

I'm not a creature of habit. I need change. My need for change is so ginormous, that I can't even bear to eat leftovers.

There is one exception though. Sundays. 

I live in Fremont Washington, not California. Fremont is cool. It attracts all the local hipsters.

Every Sunday in Fremont, there's a market. The Fremont Sunday Street Market, to be exact. This market is grand. Every Sunday I go there, because it's right out my front door. This is very convenient.

I start my day with a slice of Veraci pizza. Veraci is cool. They haul out their awesome clay pizza oven, just to make me a delicious slice of pizza. When it's sunny (like it was today), the lineup for Veraci is equally both bonkers and insane.

Speaking of bonkers, what ever happened to that candy?

I then walk my dog to Fuel coffee in Wallingford.  Its only a half hour walk. My dog loves it. All the girls at Fuel swoon over him. He smiles, and walks away thinking, ya I still got it.

I do have to mention, that I think Fuel coffee is the best around.

I drink decaf. Does that surprise you? When I drink regular coffee, I am like a small child all jacked up on sugar. It's messy.

So I drink decaf. The decaf at Fuel is amazing. As well as the regular coffee. My husband drinks the strong stuff, and he still agrees that its the best coffee around.

I love lattes. This is what I drink. Decaf soy milk lattes. So delicious. So Nice. So Soy.

If you like your coffee creamy and not too bitter. You will love this place. If you can, go there now. You will not regret it one bit.

I finish up my Sunday routine with ice cream. So far, this day has been super healthy, I know.

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream is super crazy popular. People will lineup for hours for this stuff. Molly Moon's is in Wallingford, but they often drive their ice cream truck to Fremont. Practically in front of my house. I know, too awesome - right?

Molly Moon's ice cream is grand. The have super funky flavors. Strawberry rhubarb sorbet pictured below.

If you want to check out some of their awesome flavors, go here.

I hope you've enjoyed a day in the life of The Flourishing Foodie.

It's all fun and games around here.

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