March 15, 2011

Rice Krispie Squares

I love Rice Krispie Squares. I used to eat them all the time when I was a kid, yet I don't think that I've had one in over 10 years, and I've definitely never made them myself. I was quite shocked at how easy they are to make - 5 minutes. I do agree that they aren't the healthiest snack, but they sure do taste good.
There is only one problem; I now have a whole tray of these squares at my house, and I'm not sure how to get rid of them. Surely I can't shouldn't eat them all. I had some friends over last night and they managed to put a good dent in the tray, so I'm thinking I will just have to invite them over again to help me finish the rest. After realizing the recipe was so easy, I felt inspired to go further into the land of Rice Krispie Squares. I attempted (and failed) to make homemade granola bars. I used Rice Krispies, marshmallows, oats, almond butter, nuts and dried fruit. The problem was; they didn't stick together. The whole concoction just crumbled into a big mess. Solution; I don't think the almond butter was sticky enough to hold everything together. This afternoon, I will try a new recipe, but this time I will use honey and omit the almond butter. My search still continues for the world's tastiest granola bar.


3 tbsp butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispie Squares

1. In a large saucepan, melt butter on medium heat. Add the marshmallows and stir until melted. Remove from heat and add the Rice Krispie Squares. Stir until coated with the marshmallows. Press into a greased baking pan and cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.


  1. Those look delicious! Rice Krispie Treats are one of my favorites. My mom always made them from scratch. Her secret...more marshmallows.

  2. That picture is making my mouth water!

    My (not so) secret weapon in Rice Krispie Squares is the addition of chocolate chips and whole blanched peanuts. They really are something I try to only make for camping, etc. Or Bake Sales, because you can add MnMs (not smarties) and have something to offer the gluten-free crowd.


  3. Hey, FYI, most marshmallows are not vegetarian because they contain gelatin.

  4. Thanks Julia,

    I was aware - I guess I should make sure my readers know!