January 14, 2011

Risotto Cakes

Ever wonder what to do with your left over risotto, if there is any? Risotto is ok heated up the next day, but risotto cakes are so much better.

Take your left over risotto and roll into small balls.  Stuff with your favorite cheese (I used left over mozzarella from the Eggplant Parmesan).  Dip the balls into a beaten egg and then coat with bread crumbs.  I made a breadcrumb concoction consisting of dried sour dough bread, ground to a fine powder, corn meal, salt, and pepper.  

Next, pan fry in oil - I used canola.  I also tried to bake a few in the oven (the dietitian in me trying to make things healthier), but they didn't taste that great.

Risotto cakes can be served as an appetizer, or part of a main meal.

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  1. This looks amazing. I'm making risotto tonight for my mom and this sounds perfect for tomorrow's lunch!